Hello, world
Matthew Bedder
M. Bedder

Hello, and welcome to the personal webpage of Matthew Bedder. Why not have a look around?

If you’d like to know a bit more about me, then there’s a page for that.

I’ve got a page over here where you can read a bit about some research that I’ve done, but with the caveat that it isn’t that up-to-date. My University of York academic page might have a bit more information on it, but I’m still early on in my research career, so don’t expect too much. It should all get filled out eventually!

I’m studying a Ph.D. in games intelligence, so you might be expecting to see some games. Conveniently this link will take you to some snazzy games that I’ve made since starting my Ph.D. . Hopefully the list will increase (and be better filled out) as the years go by!

There are some unsorted things that I’ve worked on listed here, but don’t expect to find any logic or structure to what you find.

Finally, if there are any problems with this website or if you want to ask me some things, go over here to find out how to contact me.

(Please excuse how messy and incomplete this all looks; I’m no web designer, and it is all work in progress. It’ll be less ugly eventually, honest!)