Double Fine Adventure (part II)

After a long wait, Episode 8 of the Double Fine Adventure documentary is out.

Highlights this episode: polishing animations and environment effects on the first section of the game, Tim dieting, shaving his beard and getting his car fixed, and Double Fine doing some internal testing (called the “Hour of Fun”) and revealing some nasty bugs (“I had Tony play through Visual Studio in debug, and he couldn’t reproduce it either. So it’s release only, XP only…” “That sounds like a fun bug to fix.“), and possible flaws in the art style.

Seeing the reaction of the senior artist, Nathan “Bagel” Stapley, when someone told him that the consistency of the art style is charming but makes it hard for the player to decide what (s)he can and cannot interact with was heartwrenching.

I was pretty cautious in backing the DFA when it was on Kickstarter, but it’s been worth $15 already. And the game is still a long way off.