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Matthew Bedder
M. Bedder


PhD - Abstraction-based Monte Carlo Tree Search
Investigating methods for de-risking the implementation of Monte Carlo Tree Search in commercial games through the generation of methods to implement abstraction-based MCTS optimisations over existing games.

A Zebrafish in profile
An application to detect the motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease in Zebrafish. This was developed with the intention of gaining better understanding of the impact of Parkinson's on the motor systems of animals, and to assist with the testing of treatments for Parkinson's.

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A research project looking into ways of automatically tracking the movement of cells, and then analysing the movement data to learn more about cell interactions.

A picture of the stages of Hierarchical Monte Carlo Tree Search
Master's Project - Hierarchical Monte Carlo Tree Search
Research into how to use game state abstractions to guide searching using Monte Carlo Tree Search. This was undertaken in part fulfillment of my Master's Degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.