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Matthew Bedder
M. Bedder

IGGI - Research Skills II

Saturday 25th of April, 2015

Next up, the second part of the York "Research Skills" module. This was a bit of a weird one.

So this half of the module was intended to be about how to communicate research: organising events, generating slides, speaking, writing press releases, all that malarky. It tried to cover a wide range of "soft skills" but I'm unsure how effective it was.

Lets be positive: I liked the idea behind the module. I liked the guest speakers we had: Rob Davis gave a brilliant talk on impact, and justifying the impact of your research, and David Garner and Shelia Perry from York's Communications and Marketing department gave some good insights into how best to deal with the press, with or without the support of the university. Chris Carter almost managed to convince some people about the importance of social media, although I still need to convince David and Nas to change their Twitter pictures from the defaults, as whenever I see them tweet I subconsciously label them as spammers.

The assessment was also interesting: we had to make a Three-Minute Thesis video, a press release announcing the launch of IGGI, a lesson plan for a games-related module of our choice, and a future development plan. OK, so I didn't enjoy most of these, but I still found making the lesson plan enjoyable.

Attempting to get a lecturer position post-Ph.D. still seems like a good career move for me... but lets see if I continue to enjoy being a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant next year.