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Matthew Bedder
M. Bedder

IGGI - Game Programming II

Saturday 14th of March, 2015

Here we go: the second IGGI Module at Goldsmiths, UoL, and it's about AI. This is my time to shine!

It was an interesting approach to covering AI for the IGGI cohort, considering our diverse backgrounds (range from AI researchers to people who consider AI to be a dirty word). A week of quick introductions to a wide variety of AI techniques, with an assessment asking us to create something games AI related, and write a paper about it. And even better, us few who were already comfortable with many of the covered topics were allowed to skip some of the sessions, on the condition that we give a mini-lecture about a topic that wasn't already being covered.

I obviously took this ending the first week by giving a presentation about some bio-inspired AI techniques that aren't currently used much in games (Artificial Bee Colony, and Ant Colony Optimisation). This led nicely into my assessment, which was implementing a ACO visualisation in Unity, and proposing methods in which ACO can be used in games.

This module was a lot of fun - possibly the most enjoyable of the four so far. But then again, I am a bit biased (as it's one module covering the area I consider myself strongest in). But regardless, four down and two to go!