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Matthew Bedder
M. Bedder

IGGI - Game Design

Friday 14th of November, 2014

After the Research Skills module at York we were sent down to Colchester for a fortnight of learning about game design with Richard Bartle.

I'm going to be brutally honest here: I really didn't enjoy some of the things taught over the last two weeks. I'm not too bothered about characterising MMO players, "The Hero's Journey" really rubs me up the wrong way, and I could happily live the rest of my life without hearing another discussion about what is and isn't a game, or whether games can be art, and none of these are really going to be helpful in developing AI for my PhD. Context of games design in general can be nice, but these sort of things really aren't my cup of tea.

(Also, I'm not sure that I'd want to stay in Colchester for more than a couple of a weeks at a time. It seems a bit weird for me to be able to say this considering I've only ever lived in Norwich, York, and Chelmsford, but Colchester really feels like a small town with little going on. And the architecture of UoE feels like a more extreme version of York's much-hated Heslington West campus.)

The module wasn't a complete wash, however. Creating a game design document for the assessment, although incredibly contrived with the time limit we were given, was fun and eye-opening, and discussions around the differences between how games companies and normal software houses operate could be really useful for when I'm on placement in games companies.

But hey, next up are two weeks at Goldsmiths learning about games programming. Somehow I think these weeks may be a bit more up my alley than the previous four...